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When they are forced to work together, rival detectives fall in love.

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original title: Private Detective

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Mystery,Romance


imdb: 5.6

duration: 55min

tags: Oh Please Miss Detective... I Want To Be Arrested By You!


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Private detective "Jinx" Wilsnow is working on the case of a divorcée who is accused of murdering her ex-husband. She and police detective Jim Rickey, working on the same crime, cross and criss-cross each other's path to the extent they decide more progress would be made if they work together. When they are forced to work together, rival detectives fall in love. This is a fairly good B murder romance along the lines of the Torchy Blaine series (although the Torchy Blaine flicks were a tad more entertaining). It is obvious this early in her career that Jane Wyman is headed for star status which eventually earns her the Oscar for "Johnny Belinda." Dick Foran is actually better in a romantic police lieutenant lead than he was in the saddle. His singing cowboy westerns left much to be desired. And actually Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom handles himself quite well as a comic foil, much better than many of his goofy, stupid counterparts in all those B detective movies of the 30's and early 40's. The story is not bad either and well-suited for its 55 minute time slot. A minute more would have been too long for this type movie, which in many ways is similar to the 30 to 60 minute TV shows of early television. Directors of today should learn that two hours or more is too long for most films. Much of the movie is routine but such talent before the camera makes it entertaining. If you enjoy the genre, then you should be pleased with this entry. Private Detective (1939)

*** (out of 4)

Surprisenly effective "B" picture from Warner about private (Jane Wyman) and homicide (Dick Foran) detectives, obviously dating, who are trying to find the killer of a millionaire. The homicide detective thinks it was the man's ex-wife who he was in a custody battle with but the private detective has her own thoughts. PRIVATE DETECTIVE is one of those low-budget films that studios were pumping out back in the day to fill up second bills or to try and push new talent onto film-goers. There's no question that I've seen dozens, if not hundreds, of these mystery movies but this one here is certainly among the most entertaining and it's a real shame that it's not better known. I'd also add that it's a shame Wyman and Foran didn't get to do this as a series because the duo have a terrific chemistry together and when they fight they seem like a real couple. Both stars do a very good job here and they certainly help sell the film. Even though it only runs 56-minutes there's a pretty good story here for them to work with. Wyman is extremely adorable in her part of the private detective who is constantly getting herself into trouble by trying to figure out the truth. Foran is also impressive in his part as the tough guy and he not only has great chemistry with Wyman but also Max Rosenbloom who plays his partner here. All three actors really help sell the film as does supporting players John Ridgely and Morgan Conway as a jerk lawyer. What also helps push the film over the edge is the very strong direction by Noel Smith. He certainly brings quite a bit of style to a film like this and I'd argue that it's the perfect example of a pre-noir. It's not too hard to figure out who the killer is but this doesn't hurt the film because the screenplay offers up several nice twist and turns along the way. Fans of the genre will certainly want to check this one out.


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When a mad man calling himself 'the Scorpio Killer' menaces the city, tough as nails San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan is assigned to track down and ferret out the crazed psychopath.

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original title: Dirty Harry

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 7.2

duration: 1h 42min

tags: Detective Harry Callahan. He doesn't break murder cases. He smashes them.

budget: $4,000,000

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When a mad man calling himself 'the Scorpio Killer' menaces the city, tough as nails San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan is assigned to track down and ferret out the crazed psychopath. The debut of SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan begins with a sociopathic rooftop sniper killing a young woman in a pool, and then trying to extort $100,000 from the City. Harry is asked by his boss, Lt. Bressler and the Mayor to put a stop to this low-life. While Harry & his new partner, Chico investigate, another murder occurs, followed by a kidnapping/rape of a young girl, and a subsequent attempt at extortion by the killer, who calls himself 'Scorpio'. Harry volunteers to deliver the ransom but is nearly killed by Scorpio, who is wounded & driven off by Chico and Harry. Harry follows the suspect's trail to Kezar Stadium, where he discovers the murder weapon and the suspect! The man is arrested and Harry gets the girl's location out of him. Unbeknownst to Harry, the girl is dead already, and the next morning Harry visits the D.A. to find out that the man is being freed - because of a bleeding-heart legal system and judiciary that says Harry's search was 'illegal', although there was no time - and no judge - to get a warrant from. On his release, Scorpio is up to his old tricks - this time he kidnaps a bus-load of children and demands a ransom. The Mayor foolishly goes along with Scorpio's game and orders Harry not to stop the killer. Disgusted with the weak-kneed attitude of the Mayor & his colleagues in the legal system, Harry intercepts the bus and takes on Scorpio himself to put an end to the kidnapping and the psychopath's reign of terror...for good. For those who don't understand the review title, "Billy Jack" was a movie about an American Indian former Green Beret who wages a one-man battle against redneck bullies, including a corrupt sheriff, who harass the local members of the counterculture. Dirty Harry Callahan wages a battle against a murderous and brutal hippie-like all-around scumbag who menaces the general public.

Yes, both movies are period pieces. "Billy Jack" was meant to show the peaceful hippies being helpless against redneck bullies. "Dirty Harry" shows that the counterculture was no benign force, with drug use, sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies, and violent crime including terrorism rising sharply by the 1970's. The police forces were viewed as helpless, and the movie depicts this view, with Dirty Harry as the hero who fights back against all the evils. Yes, the characters are one-dimensional and the story is trite, but the movie effectively conveys the message it intends to. 'DIRTY HARRY' was directed by Don Siegel and stars Clint Eastwood, Andrew Robinson and Reni Santoni. ​After a woman gets shot in a pool, it's up to Inspector Harry Callahan(Clint Eastwood) - Dirty Harry - to hunt down her killer, who threatens to kill one more every day until he gets $100,000.

I understand that a six may seem harsh for the movie, considering the cult status it has achieved. And let me just clarify, I wholeheartedly recommend you see this movie; it definitely deserves a watch. It is a solid, interesting, DISPOSABLE thriller. But that is it's big flaw. It is just disposable. Obviously, there are some memorable and amazing moments but the plot drags it down for me.

Expanding on that point, I love the concept of some serial killer manipulating a city into giving him money but I think the film throws too many 'twists and turns' to make it seem more intelligent than it is. I'd rather they stick with the, possibly cliché, story of Dirty Harry hunting down Scorpio, rather than try to make the plot more complicated. Probably just my personal preference but I still consider it some form of flaw. As a whole, it is very enjoyable but it just isn't that well structured or written.

Another thing I wasn't a fan of was the climax. With the exception of some truly badass moments and scenes, it just felt rushed as a whole. The location is different and interesting but the way they UTILISE it wasn't. I didn't want a huge giant climax featuring tanks, fire and the Death Star(Yeah I know Star Wars wasn't released yet) because action wasn't the focus and I understand that. I just would have rather they either changed the premise of the climax entirely, or put a little more effort in. I do love the final minute or two, however.

Clint Eastwood was amazing as Dirty Harry and I think this is his most iconic role. He really owns the character and knows the perfect mix of being likable and loathsome, to make a tough guy cop. Harry is a very interesting and well written protagonist. I am very happy his past was left in his past because that gives him a level of mystery and intrigue, which I hope isn't spoiled in the sequels when I watch them.

Andrew Robinson is great as the eerily insane an terrifying Scorpio. Scorpio was genuinely threatening and scary. He was a classic loathsome villain, with no levels of likability or charisma. He was just classically bad and I really like that.

Reni Santoni was passable as Chico Gonzalez. Gonzalez was just a bland and boring character. He had no qualities to make him interesting . Him and Callahan had NO chemistry and I really don't understand why he was even in the movie.

The cinematography and editing was pretty solid for the most. It looked fine. I do have some issues with the lighting, however. It got too dark for me at points and it was pretty hard to see. The costume design was perfectly passable.

This movie contains one of the greatest one liners in cinema history. I wont write it here because it will take too long but you need to see the movie just to see this line put to good use.

As stated prior, this movie is a perfectly disposable thriller. I do recommend you watch it, however. I'll rate this film 6 'LUCKY PUNKS' out of 10. Try to get Siegel’s masterful camera rise out of your head: gun-happy Harry looming over his jabbering perp, who screams like a stuck pig as the shot recedes high into a dense night fog. This is not a cop film. It’s a monster movie. There are five: (1) Dirty Harry (1971), (2) Magnum Force (1973) (1973), (3) The Enforcer (1976) (1976), (4) Sudden Impact (1983) (1983), and (5) The Dead Pool (1988) (1988). Opening shot: The memorial to police officers killed in the line of duty seen in the opening shot of the film is located in the San Francisco Hall of Justice, located at 850 Bryant Street. Today, this building continues to serve as the SFPD's base of operations as well as the San Francisco County Superior Court.

Sniping position: In the opening scene, Scorpio (Andrew Robinson) is shooting from the roof of the Bank of America Center, located at 555 California Street. Today, 555 California Street is no longer owned by the Bank of America, but by the Vornado Realty Trust.

Sniping victim: Scorpio's victim (Diana Davidson) is swimming on the roof of the Holiday Inn Select Downtown and Spa, located at 750 Kearny Street, two blocks away from 555 California Avenue. Today, 750 Kearny Street is owned by Hilton Hotels, and known as The Hilton San Francisco Financial District Hotel.

City Hall: Both the interior and the exterior of San Francisco City Hall, located at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, are seen several times in the film. For example, after Scorpio has kidnapped the children, the film fades to an exterior shot of the building. Earlier in the movie, Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is approaching the main door of the building when he sees Lt. Bressler (Harry Guardino) on the balcony. Harry enters the building, passes through the rotunda, and meets Bressler on the main stairway. Additionally, all of the scenes in the Mayor's (John Vernon) office were filmed over a three day weekend in the real office of Mayor Joseph Alioto. Today, San Francisco City Hall continues to serve as the city's Mayoral offices.

Police interiors: All interiors in the police station were shot in the PG&E building at 77 Beale Street. Today, the building is still owned by Pacific Gas and Electric.

Second sniping: Scorpio's aborted second sniping attack was shot overlooking Saints Peter and Paul Church, located at 666 Filbert Street. The church is still in use today. The building on which Scorpio takes position is the Dante Building, 1606 Stockton Street. Between the Dante Building and the Church is Washington Square Park.

Suicide jumper: The scene where Harry saves the suicide jumper (Bill Couch) was shot at California Hall, 625 Polk Street. In 1971, California Hall was primarily used as a live music venue. Today, it is the second campus of the California Culinary Academy.

Ransom run begins: Scorpio first speaks to Harry and gives him instructions for the subsequent ransom run at the East Harbor of Marina Green.

Run continues: Harry next enters the Forest Hill Station on Laguna Honda Boulevard, where he boards a train.

Next stop: Harry gets off the train at the corner of Church and 20th Streets, near Dolores Park, located in the Mission District. He runs across 20th Street to the phone booth on the corner of the park and Church and 20th.

Harry enters tunnel: After speaking to Scorpio again, Harry enters the Fort Mason Tunnel at Laguna Street and Marina Boulevard. He then emerges at the hamburger stand located on Van Ness Avenue, in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Today, the Fort Mason Tunnel is closed off, although there are plans to reopen it.

Harry enters park: Harry next enters Mount Davidson Park at Lansdale Avenue and Dalewood Way. The fight between Scorpio and Harry then takes place at Mount Davidson Cross above Portola Drive.

Harry shoots Scorpio: Harry shoots Scorpio in Kezar Stadium, 755 Stanyan Street. The scene was shot shortly after the 49ers' last game there. In 1989, the stadium was demolished and rebuilt with a smaller capacity.

Dead girl: The body of Ann Mary Deacon (Debralee Scott) is found off Conzelman Road, located in the Marin Headlands.

Harry watches Scorpio: The scene where Scorpio watches children playing in a small park, whilst Harry is closely monitoring him was shot at Portsmouth Square in Chinatown.

Harry follows Scorpio at night: Scorpio heads to a strip-club called the Roaring 20s, which is found at 552 Broadway Street, North Beach. The Roaring 20s is still in business today.

Liquor store: The liquor store where Scorpio gets a gun was located at 148 Embarcadero. Today, the building is the Hotel Griffon, and the liquor store is a Perry's restaurant.

School bus: Scorpio boards the school bus at 15th Avenue and Noriega, Golden Gate Heights, Marin County.

Harry boards bus: Harry is waiting for Scorpio on the train tracks going over Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Marin County. The tracks were taken down in 2003, although the trellises remain.

Finale: The closing scenes of the film were shot in a quarry called Larkspur Landing Circle, located on Old Quarry Road, Marin County. Today, the quarry is a shopping centre.

See here for more information on the locations used in the making of the film, including stills from the film and photographs of the locations from the present day. No. He fires six, but one of the shots is heard only, it is not seen. Here is the complete list of shots as they occur:

Shot 1: Hits the first bank robber (Albert Popwell) as he emerges from the bank

Shot 2: Fires at the second bank robber (in black leather jacket) as he runs to the getaway car. This shot misses.

Shot 3: Fires at the car itself as the robbers speed off. This shot cannot be seen, as we are inside the car when Harry shoots. However, if one listens carefully, the unmistakable sound of his .44 Magnum can clearly be heard on the soundtrack (the gun sound effect is substantially different to the sound effects of the robbers' guns). This shot also seems to miss.

Shot 4: Hits the windshield of the getaway car, also hitting the driver.

Shot 5: Again hits the windshield and the driver as the car crashes.

Shot 6: Hits the robber in the leather jacket and sends him crashing through the shop window.

When Harry confronts Scorpio he knows whether there is either a live or expended round in the chamber when he gives his "Do you feel lucky?" speech because he cocks the hammer on his .44 Magnum, allowing him to see whether or not the rear of the bullet has already been struck. He wears Ray-Ban Baloramas. The ranking system in the SFPD is the same as in most other major PDs, with the term "Inspector" simply replacing the better known term "Detective". When Dirty Harry is moving through Mount Davidson Park towards the Cross, he encounters a young man (David Gillum) who says he is called Alice. Most fans interpret this scene as suggesting that Alice is a male prostitute who has mistaken Harry for a john. His comment, "If you're vice, I'll kill myself," seems to confirm this, whilst his comment "I'll take a dare," seems to suggest he is open to sexual experimentation. When Scorpio is initially arrested in the film, there is a wealth of evidence against him. The leg wound proves that he is indeed Scorpio, as it matches the leg wound which Harry inflicted at Mount Davidson Cross a few hours prior to his apprehension. As such, he could also be charged with assaulting a police officer, attempted murder and embezzlement. Additionally, the sniping rifle he used to shoot the swimmer and the young boy is captured, and, as Harry points out, ballistics would be able to match the gun to the bullets which killed them. Basically, there is plenty of evidence to prove beyond all doubt that the man in police custody is indeed Scorpio. However, despite all of this plain evidence condemning him, Scorpio is released by the police. Why? Basically, because of procedural negligence on Harry's part.

Important in understanding exactly what is going on here is the scene immediately after the body of Ann Mary Deacon is found. Harry is in District Attorney William T. Rothko's (Josef Sommer) office and is told by Rothko, "you're lucky I'm not indicting you for assault with intent to commit murder. Where the hell does it say you've got a right to kick down doors, torture suspects, deny medical attention and legal council? Where have you been? Does Escobedo ring a bell? Miranda? I mean, you must have heard of the fourth amendment. What I'm saying is, that man had rights." An unrepentant Harry responds to this by saying, "Well, I'm all broken up about that man's rights." Rothko then retorts "You should be. I've got news for you Callahan; as soon as he's well enough to leave the hospital, he walks." A stunned Harry asks "You're letting him go?", to which Rothko responds "We have to, we can't try him [...] I'm not wasting half a million dollars of the tax payers' money on a trial we can't win. The problem is, we don't have any evidence." Indicating Scorpio's rifle, Harry asks "What the hell do you call that?" to which Rothko answers, "I call it nothing, zero [...] This rifle might make a nice souvenir, but it's inadmissible as evidence." Harry demands, "Who says that?" and Rothko tells him "It's the law." Rothko then introduces Judge Bannerman (William Paterson), who tells Harry, In my opinion, the search of the suspect's quarters was illegal. Evidence obtained thereby, such as that hunting rifle for instance, is inadmissible in court. You should have gotten a search warrant [...] The court would have to recognize the police officer's legitimate concern for the girl's life, but there is no way they can possibly condone police torture. All evidence concerning the girl, the suspect's confession, all physical evidence would have to be excluded [...] Without the evidence of the gun and the girl, I couldn't convict him of spitting on the sidewalk. The suspect's rights were violated under the fourth and fifth and probably the sixth and fourteenth amendment. Harry then bitterly asks, "And Ann Mary Deacon, what about her rights? She's raped and left in a hole to die, who speaks for her?"

As Richard Schickel points out on his DVD commentary, this scene is vital to understanding the political ethos of the film; specifically, the issue of the rights of victims versus the rights of the accused. To fully understand this, some of Rothko's references need to be explained in more detail, specifically his references to Escobedo and Miranda. Escobedo refers to the 1964 court case Escobedo v. Illinois. This case involved Danny Escobedo's involvement in the murder of his brother, Manuel, on January 19, 1960. On January 30, the police obtained a witness who said that he had seen Escobedo's involvement in the crime, so the police arrested Escobedo, and began to interrogate him. During the interrogation, Escobedo asked to speak to an attorney, but when the attorney arrived at the police station, he was refused access to Escobedo until after the interrogation was over. Ultimately, Escobedo implicated himself as an accessory in the murder, and was convicted for aiding and abetting. Escobedo appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court, which initially held the confession inadmissible and reversed the conviction. Illinois petitioned for a rehearing and the court then approved the original conviction. Escobedo then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which overturned Escobedo's conviction and recognized a suspect's right to an attorney during police interrogation. In 1963, the case of Gideon v. Wainwright had determined that a suspect had a right to an attorney after indictment, but the result of the Escobedo v. Illinois case gave a suspect the right to an attorney prior to indictment as well. With this in mind then, Scorpio's confession to the murder was elicited from him without the presence of an attorney, and as such, was inadmissible in court, as it violated his rights.

The other case to which Rothko refers is the 1966 case of Miranda v. Arizona. In March 1963, Ernesto Arturo Miranda was arrested for robbery. During his interrogation, he confessed to raping an 18-year-old woman. During the trial, the prosecution offered as evidence both Miranda's confession and the victim's positive identification of Miranda. He was found guilty and convicted of rape and kidnapping, and sentenced to 20 to 30 years imprisonment on each charge, with sentences to run concurrently. After the conviction, Miranda's attorney, John J. Flynn, appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court, where Chief Justice Earl Warren ruled that no confession could be admissible under the Fifth Amendment self-incrimination clause and Sixth Amendment right to an attorney unless a suspect had been made aware of his rights (right to an attorney, right to remain silent etc) and had specifically waived them. Miranda had not been informed of his rights, and as such, the conviction was overturned. Miranda was retried, and this time the prosecution did not use the confession. Instead, they relied on witnesses and other physical evidence. Miranda was again convicted in 1967 and again sentenced to 20 to 30 years. Following the Miranda decision, all police departments were required to inform suspects of their rights under the new ruling. Again, as with the Escobedo case, Harry Callahan does not follow the rules laid down by the Miranda case. He never informs Scorpio of his rights prior to Scorpio's confession, and as such, his confession is inadmissible.

With all of this in mind then, Harry makes four mistakes, which combine to ensure Scorpio can go free; he illegally searches Kezar Stadium (i.e., he does not obtain a search warrant), he interrogates Scorpio without the presence of an attorney, he does not inform Scorpio of his rights prior to that interrogation, and he tortures a confession out of Scorpio (by standing on his wounded leg).

In 1971, the Escobedo and Miranda decisions were still extremely hotly debated issues. Miranda in particular had generated a great deal of criticism, with many (including President Richard Nixon) feeling it was unfair to inform suspects of their rights, as it was essentially an invitation for them to purposely frustrate interrogation. Many felt that the Escobedo and Miranda decisions were essentially offering protection for the accused, and that police could find themselves unable to take immediate action, even when faced with incontrovertible evidence, lest the entire case be invalidated in court.

As such, the political debates at the time were almost entirely focused on the rights of the accused, and the film poses an extreme example of how the legal system could be so concerned with these rights (rather than the rights of the victim), that it could allow a known killer to walk free; Scorpio is protected by the very legal sanctions which were set up to protect the victims. As he says above, Harry is more concerned with the rights of Ann Mary Deacon than with the rights of Scorpio, and in this sense, his line "Well, I'm all broken up about that man's rights" is paramount. Clint Eastwood has always maintained that the main reason he did the film was because he felt that in all the discussions concerning the rights of the accused, the rights of the victim had been forgotten about, and he felt the film went some way to return those rights to the public eye. No scene is more important in this sense than the scene between Harry, Rothko and Bannerman. All three know that the man Harry arrested is a serial killer, and there is ample evidence to support it, but because Harry did not abide by the decisions of the Escobedo and Miranda cases, Scorpio's obvious guilt becomes irrelevant, and he is allowed to walk free.

As such, many interpret the film as a manifestation of the frustration which was felt due to the recently-established laws which seemed to make it easier for criminals to get away with criminal behavior and harder for police forces to convict them. The film shows the world from Harry's perspective, and it explicitly deals with his frustration in his attempts to dispense justice only to be rendered impotent by the red tape of the system he is sworn to uphold; technicalities getting in the way of what most people would consider justice. He is frustrated with a system that can overlook the victim due to the attention it is paying to the accused (this is why he throws his badge away at the end). The fact that Scorpio can walk free despite everyone knowing he is a killer is an illustration of how the system can actually hinder the police and aid the criminal.

Interestingly however, on his DVD commentary, film critic and Clint Eastwood biographer Richard Schickel questions whether the release of Scorpio is really accurate or not, hypothesizing that the film's depiction of the police letting him go without any surveillance whatsoever despite the ample evident isn't entirely realistic, and despite Harry's breaking numerous laws and ignoring several of Scorpio's right, no police force in the world would release such a man on his own recognizance. Yes, Michael Mann is a huge fan of the film, and has included several homages to it in his work over the years. Perhaps the most obvious reference is to be found in the Starsky and Hutch episode "The Psychic" (1977), which Mann wrote. A major part of the plot of this episode involves Hutch racing from phone booth to phone booth as per the instructions of a kidnapper who holds a young girl's life in the balance. Another direct homage is found in Heat (1995). As Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) arrives at the murder scene of a young prostitute, he encounters the dead girl's mother (Hazelle Goodman). This is very similar to a scene in Dirty Harry, where as Harry arrives at the scene of the murder of a young boy, he too encounters the victim's mother (Mae Mercer). The Two-Disc Special Edition DVD (available for either Region 1 or 2), released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment in 2008 contains the following special features:

Feature length audio commentary with film historian and Clint Eastwood biographer Richard Schickel

Dirty Harry's Way (1971); a 7-minute promotional featurette for the film, made in 1971

Dirty Harry: The Original (2001); a 30-minute featurette made in 2001 looking at the making of the Dirty Harry series

Interview Gallery; featuring interviews with Patricia Clarkson, Joel Cox, Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, Evan C. Kim, John Milius, Ted Post, Andrew Robinson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Urich.

Trailer Gallery; featuring theatrical trailers for all 5 Dirty Harry films

The Long Shadow of Dirty Harry (2008); a 26-minute featurette made exclusively for the 2008 DVD, which examines the lasting influence of the film

Clint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso (1994); a 56-minute TV documentary made in 1993, which offers an overview of Eastwood's career

Note: There are multiple DVD versions of this film available. See here for more details. Yes. It is available as both a stand-alone release and in a Dirty Harry boxset. The stand-alone US edition and UK edition both include all of the DVD extras plus a HD documentary called "Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows". As for the box sets, the US Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition contains the same special features as the stand-alone release, plus a 42-page Dirty Harry series retrospective booklet, a replica Harry Callahan wallet, a map detailing Harry's hunt for the killer, six collectible art cards, and a series of production letters. The version in the UK Dirty Harry Collection is a bare bones release, with no special features whatsoever, and contains none of the collectibles from the US set.


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What bad things will good men do for their families? A stolid, old guard policeman, Ridgeman "Gibson" and his volatile younger partner, Anthony "Vaughn", find themselves suspended when a video of them strong-arming a suspect becomes the media's special du jour. Low on cash and with no other options, these two embittered soldiers descend into the criminal underworld to gain their just due. On the other side of the law, Henry Jones comes home from years in prison to find his mother and disabled brother living in squalor. The ex-convict needs a way to help and to this end, his childhood friend Biscuit introduces him to a ruthless crime boss whose ambitious plans put him and his pal in direct conflict with the two renegade officers. In the hardboiled world of DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE, who lives, who dies, and who gets rich is a fate written in bullets. Once two overzealous cops get suspended from the force, they must delve into the criminal underworld to get their just due.


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Il famoso attore Ti Lung interpreta uno spadaccino solitario che cerca di sconfiggere il "numero uno spadaccino"; come parte del suo pacchetto di vendetta nella vita in Soul Of The Sword. Tuttavia, apprende rapidamente che a volte desiderare è meglio che avere. SOUL OF THE SWORD (1978) è un dramma della spada dello studio di Shaw Bros. di Hong Kong con protagonista Ti Lung e presenta diverse sequenze di combattimento superbe che coinvolgono sia il combattimento con la spada sia il kung fu. Tuttavia, è molto diverso dai soliti film di scherma dello studio, in particolare quelli diretti da Chor Yuen (THE MAGIC BLADE) e Chang Cheh (BLOOD BROTHERS), entrambi con frequenti collaborazioni con Ti Lung. Questo ha meno caratteri e più enfasi sulla relazione romantica che cresce tra & quot; Nameless & quot; (Ti Lung), uno spadaccino che cerca di spodestare l'attuale "King of Swords" & quot; e Ho Lien, una giovane negoziante (Lin Chen-Chi) con la quale si innamora. Tra una lotta con la spada, il film affronta la questione di come l'amore influisce sul destino di uno spadaccino. Complicare le cose è il fatto che la donna è identica in apparenza a una donna intravista da & quot; Senza nome & quot; da ragazzo nella sequenza di apertura del film. In quella scena, uno spadaccino che sfida il Re di Spade viene sconfitto e ucciso e la sua compagna (anche interpretata da Lin Chen-Chi) si uccide per il dolore. Questo incidente ispira & quot; Nameless & quot; per eccellere nella scherma in modo che possa sconfiggere il "Re" & quot; ma lo perseguita anche con visioni della donna morta e ha conseguenze tragiche in seguito. Ku Feng interpreta Chiu I, l'ultimo dei tre personaggi principali del film, un abile dottore che fa amicizia con Nameless e gli offre consigli.

Diretto da Hua Shan (INFRAMAN, LITTLE DRAGON MAIDEN), il film è magnificamente girato e modificato e include un'importante funzione cinematografica meno utilizzata nei film di Chor Yuen e Chang Cheh. Hua Shan e il suo direttore della fotografia forniscono frequenti primi piani dei più importanti artisti, aggiungendo una potente spinta emotiva alla storia. Aiuta Ti Lung ad essere al top del suo gioco qui, sia come attore che come star d'azione, e Lin Chen-Chi è una bellissima attrice che fotografa bene da ogni angolazione. Questo è solo il terzo film in cui l'ho vista (gli altri sono SPIRITUAL BOXER, recensito anche su questo sito, e BATTLE WIZARD), eppure la trovo tra le attrici più avvincenti di Shaw Bros.. Rompendo con il modello convenzionale della bellezza di Shaw Bros., è sottile e spigolosa con un naso lungo e labbra spesse troppo grandi per un viso piccolo ma equilibrato da occhi penetranti ben distanziati e un bel spazio di fronte. L'effetto cumulativo è semplicemente affascinante e il cameraman sembra essere d'accordo.

Uno dei pochi personaggi significativi di supporto è Yien (Norman Chu), uno spadaccino rivale che ha corteggiato senza successo Ho Lien, solo per vedere la sua caduta per Nameless. I suoi tentativi di risolvere le questioni sono ugualmente infruttuosi, anche se ottiene un alleato in una vendicativa spadaccina che aveva perso una femmina nella spada di Nameless nel film. (La diva del Kung Lily Lily ha un cameo come partner sfortunato, con goffi colpi di un corpo nudo raddoppiato.) Il gran numero di membri del cast elencati da IMDb per questo film è presumibilmente rappresentato dai numerosi scorci in rapida successione e gli avversari spediti in fretta di Nameless.

L'azione costantemente emozionante è messa in scena da Tang Chia e include numerosi duelli con le spade e combattimenti su larga scala in cui Ti Lung affronta avversari multipli, tra cui uno memorabile confronto in una foresta di bambù costruita nello studio. Ti è anche costretto a combattere senza spada in più di una battaglia e usa le sue abilità di kung fu con grande efficacia. Le lotte potrebbero non essere brutali o sanguinose come quelle trovate nei film di Chang Cheh, ma sono anche molto meno ingannevoli e stilizzate di quelle nei film di Chor Yuen. Questo è un film che si basa più su carattere e relazioni e meno su trucchi e colpi di scena. C'è una colonna sonora cinese molto commovente ed evocativa che lega tutto insieme, un gradito cambio di passo dai punteggi mix-and-match, taglia e incolla che spesso ascoltiamo in questi film. Wu-Ming (Dave Wong-Kit) guarda l'ennesimo contendente (Chan Jun-Ho) sfida lo spadaccino Lu (Ku Feng), un uomo che si nasconde dietro un cappello con un velo, per diventare il nuovo numero 1. Il contendente ha portato lungo la sua ragazza (Lin Chen-Chi) come testimone del combattimento. Lu informa lo sfidante che la sua morte è eminente perché la fidanzata tiene il suo cuore e la sua concentrazione, piuttosto che l'arte della spada. Il contendente ignora il consiglio e continua la sfida. Lu lo uccide dopo pochi giri veloci. La fidanzata si toglie la vita per stare con il suo spadaccino caduto.

Wu-Ming vede un vecchio (Wong Chin-Ho) cesellare un nome in un grande pennarello. C'è una lunga lista di nomi sul marcatore. Il vecchio annunci di nuovo uno ogni volta che Lu sconfigge un concorrente. Il vecchio vuole che la gente ricordi chi è caduto al colpo della spada di Lu. Wu-Ming annuncia che il suo nome non comparirà nella lista, perché sconfiggerà Lu e diventerà il numero 1. Il vecchio ha i suoi dubbi e chiede il nome di Wu-Ming in modo che possa richiamarlo dopo che il ragazzo è stato ucciso da Lu. Wu-Ming promette di allenarsi duramente e diventare migliore di quanto lo sia mai stato.

Il tempo passa mentre guardiamo Wu-Ming (ora Ti Lung) praticare la sua arte della spada. La scena con gli uccelli era grossolana, ma efficace per mostrare le abilità di Wu-Ming con gli oggetti in movimento. Wu-Ming ha una visione della signora che si è suicidata per stare con il suo spadaccino caduto. Crede che i suoi occhi stiano giocando brutti scherzi a lui e la licenzi. Lei apparirà a lui un paio di volte mentre si allena per combattere Lu. È un presagio apparente che sceglierà di ignorare.

Il lato negativo di diventare il numero 1, devi liberarti di quelli che si frappongono tra te e quell'obiettivo. Wu-Ming assume Monk Long (Lam Fai-Wong) e i suoi seguaci per iniziare a far crescere la sua reputazione. Sono abituato a vedere Lam giocare un calcio laterale o fuori nell'ombra come una guardia o un delinquente dove necessario. Qui, mostra abbastanza bene la sua arte della spada. Wu-Ming, che ha informato Monk Long ei suoi seguaci che il suo nome è Nameless, sconfigge Monk Long e parte per la prossima persona nella sua lista.

Lu and Sire (Yu Wing), che ospita le lotte tra Lu e tutti gli altri, discutono dell'abilità di Nameless con Monk Long e i suoi tirapiedi. Lu sa che non passerà molto tempo prima che debba affrontare Nameless. Tuttavia, Lu sa anche che Nameless deve assicurarsi più vittorie prima di incontrarsi.

Incontri senza nome Sword Lady of Loyang (Lily Li Li-Li) in un bagno pubblico. Nameless la duole in nient'altro che le sue mutande o un asciugamano (non sono abbastanza sicuro di cosa indossi per essere onesto). Lui la uccide dopo aver aperto la sua camicetta esponendole i seni. Era una scena inutile ma non insolita in questi film. Lady of 3 Moves (Lau Wai-Ling) cerca di conquistare Nameless ma sfugge al suo 4th Move.

Nameless è diventato amico di Chui I (Ku Feng) che Nameless si rivolge come Old Man. Chui I è il medico di Sire e tutti gli sfidanti che si allenano nella villa di Sire. Chui non sa nulla del mondo Sword che sta riparando i corpi danneggiati. Chui I osserva Nameless sfidare gli sfidanti mentre pranzano in una locanda del posto.

Sire invita Nameless a rimanere nella tenuta mentre attende il suo duello con Lu, che è andato a visitare la famiglia per alcuni giorni. Nameless sarà accompagnato da Chui I per tenerlo fuori dai guai. C'è anche un altro spadaccino, il signor Yan (Norman Chu Siu-Keung) che tiene d'occhio Nameless. C'è un'incredibile animosità tra Yan e Nameless. Yan parla in grande ma non lo supporta. Si presenta debole. Qualcosa che Nameless disprezza.

Chui Decido che Nameless ha bisogno di rilassarsi prima del grande duello e lo porta in un bordello. Nameless non è contento di esserci. Si allontana dalle signore per guardare fuori dalla finestra e vede una donna che assomiglia alla donna che lo perseguita. Prende Chu I e parte alla ricerca della donna.

He Lian (il secondo ruolo di Lin Chen-Chi nel film), lavora in una boutique locale. Yan, che è abbastanza innamorato di He Lian, è furioso quando Nameless fa avances verso di lei. L'ira di Yan peggiora quando He Lian sembra apprezzare l'attenzione di Nameless. Yan chiede a Nameless di tornare indietro, ma ancora una volta non fa altro che parlare per chiarire la sua posizione.

He Lian sta lavorando al suo ricamo, quando inizia a piovere. Va a chiudere la finestra e vede Nameless in mezzo alla strada. Chiude la finestra, ma continua a controllare se Nameless è ancora lì. Lui la segue quando va al mercato. Yan non è poi così indietro.

Gli uomini hanno ancora una volta parole su He Lian. Nameless informa Yan, che porterà Lian con sé nella villa di Sire, come ora è sua. Yan fa un gesto come se affrontasse davvero Nameless, ma, di nuovo, non fa nulla. Lui Lian impacchetta le sue cose e si trasferisce con Nameless. Nameless si costringe su di lei quando la porta nella sua stanza.È una scena molto scomoda e non è qualcosa che mi aspetterei da un personaggio di Ti Lung.

Nameless riceve consigli da Sire e Chui I riguardo a He Lian. È una distrazione, una piacevole, ma nondimeno una distrazione. A Nameless viene detto che si farà ammazzare, come l'ultimo sfidante, perché la sua attenzione non è sulla sua spada come dovrebbe essere.

Nameless e He Lian vanno a fare una passeggiata per discutere del consiglio. Nameless rende chiaro che diventerà il numero 1, ma non vede alcun motivo per sbarazzarsi di He Lian per farlo. Sono guidati da Yan e dai suoi servi nel tentativo di separare Nameless e He Lian. Senza nome, ovviamente, sconfigge i servitori e sta per uccidere Yan, quando Lian chiede pietà. Nameless avverte Yan, non ci sarà pietà quando si incontreranno.

Lady of 3 Moves arriva come Nameless e He Lian se ne va. Lady of 3 Moves promette di aiutare Yan a vendicarsi di Nameless. Ora, non capisco dove Yan pensa di meritare di vendicarsi, dal momento che non ha mai fatto una mossa per permettere a He Lian di conoscere i suoi sentimenti o fare qualcosa per quanto riguarda le sue minacce a Nameless. L'umiliazione potrebbe essere l'unica scusa che potrei dare a Yan pensando che meriti la vendetta. Yan non è uno con l'essere umiliato da un colpo lungo. Lady of 3 Mosse lo degrada ulteriormente durante un incontro sessuale. quando si ferma nella sua direzione, quasi fa causa alla sua 4a mossa su di lui.

Senza nome scopre che He Lian è tornato a casa e va a prenderla. Lei si rifiuta di andarsene. Lei è una distrazione per il suo piano. Nameless balde all'idea di restare nella boutique per aiutarla, piuttosto che continuare la sua ricerca di essere il numero 1. Fanno l'amore e Nameless la uccide in seguito.

Si allontana per affrontare Lu. La loro battaglia è piena di confessioni e esposizione della vera identità di Lu. Lui è Chui I, amico senza nome. Lu ammette di essere stato sconfitto perché gli piace Nameless. È un peccato che il cappello di Lu sia stato rovinato nella battaglia, Nameless avrebbe potuto usarlo per nascondere la propria identità agli sfidanti.

Quando Sire annuncia Nameless è ora il numero 1 che può avere ricchezze, Nameless lo rifiuta . Non è ciò che Nameless vuole. Niente di ciò è ciò che Nameless vuole. si carica di nuovo in città per vedere He Lian. Confessa al suo cadavere che ha sbagliato tutto. Ciò che desidera veramente è stare con lei.

Il tessuto che copre i suoi volti si muove, rivelando che Lady of the 3 Moves è il letto. Combatte con Nameless, ferendolo ulteriormente. Lo trova divertente è lei che lo sconfiggerà. barcolla verso l'armadio e viene pugnalato da Yan, che si nasconde in esso. La Nameless uccide Lady of the 3 Moves, quindi rivolge la sua attenzione a Yan. La loro conversazione è ancora in sospeso a He Lian. Yan vuole vendicarsi per Nameless che l'ha presa da lui.

Yan e Nameless si pugnalano a vicenda e cadono sul pavimento. Senza nome, gattona sul corpo di He Lian e promette di non lasciarla mai più. In ritardo per avere un'illuminazione lì, Mu-Wing.

Gli ho dato un 7 per i duelli e le stelle non tanto per la storia.


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